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Sloppy Hills
PROJECT 1k under $1k

In this SPECIAL PROJECT, I am building a custom precision rifle which can touch an object atleast 1000 yards with a limited budget of only $1000. I will show you my discernment process and selection for this specific POU (LR wpn sys). 

Home Defense System Fundamentals

A Home Defense (HD) system is customizable as "home" for each of us can be drastically different. Here, we take a look at some KEY things to consider when choosing a wpn sys for HD. The HD POU varies greatly depending on civilian density, structures and environment. Here we will uncover ballistics and HD tactics to protect your home and loved ones. 

Woman Stalked in Garage
Choosing a Defensive System for a Woman

Finding a hard time choosing your defensive tool? There are many important factors to consider when a female or someone of a smaller figure may need to consider in selection and application. 

Image by Jay Rembert
Ballistics & Limitations

Firearms in simple science is physics. Here we will unmask the myths of firearms and better understand terminal ballistics and it's limitations in a real world environment. Some considerations for this education are: legalities, defensive tactics, ammo selection, caliber parameters and bullet design. Advanced topics such as Coriolis effect (earth's rotation), atmospherics, gravity, wind, reading mirage, change in air temp, change in ammo temp, etc.  

Bullet Journal
4 Rules of Gun Safety

1. Treat EVERY Firearm as if it was LOADED

2. Always point the gun in a SAFE direction

3. Keep you FINGER OFF THE TRIGGER until you are ready to shoot

4. Know where you target is and its surroundings (Background)

Image by Maarten van den Heuvel
Purchasing a Firearm in California

FSC Study Guide, June 2020 (Firearms Safety Certificate Study Guide)

List of Handguns Certified for Sale by Attorney General's Office

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