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Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones with Knowledge

Firearms Safety Training & Consultation


Training, training, training. Most folks spend tons of money on security but not enough of their resources on valuable range time with a certified instructor. Get pro-tips, form good habits, and develop skills which may protect you and your loved ones. 


Many of my classes are purely EDUCATIONAL and do NOT have any live fire or weapon systems in the lecture/seminar. Classes are open to families of all different ages, cultures, faiths, religions and lifestyles. 


A strong majority of my clients are WOMEN and NOVICE shooters who are new to this industry and require consultation and guidance on different systems, safety, storage, legalities and home defense (HD) strategies and planning. 



My name is Robin Joo, I am a competitive shooter (IDPA & 3-Gun) and Medical Chaplain. I started Bami Tactical as a response to mass shootings and to PROMOTE family/personal safety and awareness. I grew up around firearms as my father was a hunter (hog) but I didn’t shoot my first firearm until I was in the Boy Scouts around 14 years old. In 2018, I began IDPA competitions and 3 Gun at my local ranges. In 2019, as a response to the Gilroy Garlic Festival Shooting in my home state (and not too far from where I completed my graduate studies, Menlo Park, CA),  I decided to start Bami Tactical in order to raise awareness and family/self protection against evil in this world. As a certified instructor my goal is to train people on proper firearms handling and emergency training. I especially want to promote minorities of this country and women to be more aware and involved in shooting sports and firearms safety. In recent years, the largest growing demographic in shooting sport are women. Partly due to the statistic that women are about 10 times more likely to have violent crimes happen to them. I believe that every human person should have the right and the ABILITY to protect oneself and their family from evil actions. Bami Tactical is all about awareness and EDUCATION.


Our company name Bami Tactical is named after my Corgi, Bam. Bam means "chestnut" in Korean and in Korean culture we add “-I” (at the end of a name) as term of endearment. Bami is a rescue and when we took him in, he was a fierce and raw animal. He had part of his right ear bitten off as a young pup and grew up with trauma and developed trust issues. As a result of his difficult childhood he was a very protective dog… always fearless and ready to protect his loved ones. Bami still today continues to love our family and protects our house with his life. Bami is my inspiration for this company as it promotes love for family at all cost, with vigilance and wisdom.


P.O. Box  West Covina, CA 91791  Tel: 714.482.5457

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